Summerset Time Breach Locations


Breach 1: In ruins north-west of Alinor above the beach
Breach 2: On a tiny island west of Abyssal Geyser Rellenthil
Breach 3: South of Illumination Academy at bottom of the waterfall
Breach 4: Direnni Acropolis; when you enter, go across the bridge then go right to find the breach
Breach 5: At the bottom of the waterfall just north-west of Shimmerene
Breach 6:In ruins east of ‘Keep of Elven Forces’ Striking Locale and a little south of Shimmerene
Breach 7: Inside Sil-Var-Road by a ‘waterfall’ water feature
Breach 8: South-east of Abyssal Geyser Sil’var Woad on the beach, not the cliffs
Breach 9: South of Sunhold Wayshrine near where the stream meets the sea west of Abyssal Geyser Sunhold

Seal Breaches in the Iliac Bay Region


Breach 1: South of Deleyn’s Mill on the cliffside near the Daenia Dolmen
Breach 2: Wyrd Tree north side
Breach 3: Between Cath Bedraud and Burial Mounds on an outcrop


Breach 1: Near Koeglin Lighthouse inside the shipwreck on the same island
Breach 2: Moonlit Maw near the cave entrance
Breach 3: Cumberland Falls Striking Locale at the top of the waterfall adjacent to the camp close to Scalecaller Peak Dungeon Entrance

Alik’r Desert

Breach 1: Salas En near ‘The Warrior’ Mundus Stone
Breach 2: Easterly Aerie Striking Locale
Breach 3: HoonDings Watch directly south of wayshrine in the southern part of HoonDings

Seal Breaches in the Stonefalls and Skyrim


Breach 1: Between Cradlecrush and Thane Jeggi’s Drinking Hole, follow the path south from Fort Morvunskar Wayshrine
Breach 2: Wittestadr near the two Vampire houses
Breach 3: South of Darkwater Crossing near the waterfalls

The Rift

Breach 1: Cross the bridge west of Geirmunds Wayshrine then follow the stairs up the mountain
Breach 2: Right by the Snapleg Cave Delve entrance
Breach 3: North-east of Fort Greenwall, south-east of Stony Basin Dolmen


Breach 1: East of the Sulfur Pools Wayshrine go up the rocks the breach is on one of ‘Vivec’s Antlers’ towering above the Coral Heart
Breach 2: South south-west of the Brothers of Strife Wayshrine at the top of the waterfall
Breach 3: Western edge of Senie between two rivers of lava

Fragments of the Shattered Staff

Main part here is four locations to recover staff fragments.
Bangkori – Pelin Graveyard
Alik’r Desert – Leki’s Blade
Shadowfen – The Great Hist
Deshann – Fang Spires

Bangkorai – Pelin Graveyard

Travel to Pelin Graveyard, just south of Evermore, behind the Pelin Church to find the time breach.

Once you click on it, follow the ‘Sight’ (light wisp rays) to find the fragment buried in a dirt mound. It is located by a tree a bit south-west of the Eastern Evermore Wayshrine.

Alik’r Desert – Leki’s Blade

Travel to Leki’s Blade, behind the blade ‘statue’ itself, to find the time breach.

Once you click on it, follow the ‘Sight’ (light wisp rays) to find the fragment buried in a dirt mound. It will be located near the Hollow Waste Dolmen

Shadowfen – The Great Hist

Travel to the center of the Hatching Pools. You’ll find the Time Breach under the Great Hist Tree.

Once you click on it, follow the ‘Sight’ to find the fragment buried in a dirt mound. The mound is located west of Gandranen Ruins and south of Zuuk near a tree by some rocks.

Deshann – Fang Spires

Travel to Fang Spires south of the Mabrigash Burial Circle World Boss. You’ll find the Time Breach behind the Shrine between the ‘spires’.

Once you click on it, follow the ‘Sight’ to find the fragment buried in a dirt mound. The mound is located amongst some large mushrooms north of Taleon’s Crag Delve.

Valenwood Breach Locations

Malabal Tor

Breach 1: Under the bridge north of Black Vine Villa and Black Vine Ruins
Breach 2: Horseshoe Island Striking Locale
Breach 3: On the island east of the Xylo River Basin Dolmen


Breach 1: Follow the path north-west of the Moonhenge Wayshrine then near the bridge, go west to find the breach on the cliff edge
Breach 2: On the coast north of the Fisherman’s Rest Striking Locale (north of Woodhearth)
Breach 3: Inside the Labyrinth. Use east entrance then turn right then keep going around until you find the breach.


Breach 1: Inside the Ruined Tower west(ish) of Redfur Trading Post (you will see the breach when you enter the tower)
Breach 2: Inside Gil-Var-Delle (the massive tree stump)
Breach 3: West side of the Ossuary of Telacar in Aelid ruins below The Mage mundus stone.

Seal Breaches in North of Black Marsh


Breach 1: Inside Malak’s Maw at the gate (on the other side so you do have to go all the way around through the mobs)
Breach 2: Just south of Bthanual near cliff edge (you can see it from the bridge going towards Mournhold)
Breach 3: On a small island right in front of a bunch of waterfalls north-west of Lagomere Dolmen
Breach 4: Shrine of Saint Veloth west of Eidolon’s Hollow Wayshrine
Breach 5: To the left of the Darkshade Caverns Dungeon entrance amongst rocks near the waterfall


Breach 1: West of Hei-Halai Striking Locale near the Ruins of Mazzatun Dungeon entrance (up some stairs)
Breach 2: In Bogmother underneath a tree near ‘shrine’ structure
Breach 3: In the sunken tower that overlooks the Venemous Fens Dolmen
Breach 4: In Percolating Mire by the Hist Tree

The Tower’s Remains

The next quest you receive takes you to four locations to recover more staff fragments.
Stonefalls – Brothers of Strife
Stormhaven – Weeping Giant
Greenshade – Greenheart
Craglorn – Spellscar

Stonefalls – Brothers of Strife

Travel to the Brothers of Strife. You’ll find the Mundus tear not too far from the wayshrine among the Daedric ruins.

Follow the Sight up the path past the stream and cave entrance and up the volcano slopes.

Stormhaven – Weeping Giant

Travel to the Weeping Giant. You’ll find the tear by following the path up to the ruins then turning right and crossing to an island of sorts.

Follow the Sight up the stone stairs and behind the camp. You’ll find the dirt mound behind a tree.

Greenshade – Greenheart

Travel to Greenheart. You’ll find the tear north of the Greenheart Wayshrine across the creek.

Follow the sight north then northeast. You’ll find the dirt mound south of the Hollow Den Striking Locale.

Craglorn – Spellscar

Travel to the Spellscar group area. The tear is located just below the Spellscar Group Area.

You’ll find the mound on the west side of Spellscar itself. You should be able to get through Spellscar to the Mound without drawing the attention of too many mobs.

Seal breaches in Rivenspire


Breach 1: Northwest corner of Crestshade in the open chapel near the Chapel Crypts entrance.
Breach 2: Just a little west of the Aesar’s Web World Boss.
Breach 3: Inside Shadowfate Cavern Striking Locale between the two stone staircases. You can use the Secret Tunnel (from main story quest in the area) to come in from behind and get it.
Breach 4: On top of half circle wall not far from Trader’s Rest Crafting Stations
Breach 5: On the north side of Sanguine Barrows not too far from the big tree in the centre.
Breach 6: Lokrata Hills north section up some stone stairs near a ruined tower.
Breach 7: Edrald Estate in a field north of the Edrald Servant’s Quarters house
Breach 8: Just south of The Serpent Mundus Stone and West of the East-Rock Landing World Boss
Breach 9: On Lagra’s Pearl (Striking Locale) go right when you get on the ship you’ll find the breach inside the Captain’s Quarters (not below deck).

Seal Breaches in Craglorn


Breach 1: Dragonstar Arena you’ll see it when you go up the steps.
Breach 2: On the bridge to Skyreach Hold. Follow the path east-north-east of the Skyreach Wayshrine to get to the bridge.
Breach 3: Just north of the Hel Ra Citadel Trial entrance under a rock formation
Breach 4: In the southern Scropian Ravine group area, in a ravine north of the Ruined Library entrance.
Breach 5: North-east of the Ogondar’s Winery Striking Locale
Breach 6: Among the rocks south-east of Conflagrant Anomaly World Boss just below Elinhir.

The Tower’s Fall

The final quest involves going after the villain.


Alik’r Desert – Divad’s Chagrin Mine

The final boss encounter is pretty straightforward. Just move around frequently to avoid the red. The boss ‘teleports’ a fair bit too.