New Player Guide

Character Creation

Race determines your racial skill line, as well as the general appearance of your character. Without the Imperial Edition or Explorer’s Pack, it will also determine which Alliance you will hold membership in.
Class determines which set of 3 class skill lines are available to your character.


You have three attributes that stand for your three core resources: health, stamina and magicka.

Health determines how much damage you can take before you die.
Stamina is used by “physical actions” like sprinting, blocking, sneaking and most weapon skills.

Magicka is used to cast spells, namely most of the class skills and the attacks with staffs.




There is a main story quest-line and an alliance story quest-line, which mostly mark your progress
through the different areas. On the way you will bump into tons of side quests.



Player Guilds

In addition to the in-game guilds and factions, there is the implementation of player guilds typical for MMO games.
Within ESO the guild membership is per user account  Join Magic Guild for activity of content within this game
Ask for crafter to make you a set of full training gear to start your grind  adventure



Crown Experience Scroll — 50% XP buff (does not stack with Psijic Ambrosia)
ESO Plus — 10% XP buff
Grouping buff — 10% XP buff
Psijic Ambrosia — 50% XP buff (does not stack with Crown Experience Scroll)
Rings of Mara buff — 10% XP buff
Training Trait XP buff — Varies depending on how many and which pieces have the trait
(applies only to XP from kill)

Start at level 6

Ask for Port to Craglorn  Team up with a CP 300+ to Solo skyreach
Map Belows shows way to follow your partner
Get as much experience as possible with 2 people only in group


The Grind is real as you progress in levels put skill point in every tree so skills level up on the way