How to obtain the Crafting Motif and Style Material:

Motif: Racial Motif 67: Welkynar

Location: Cloudrest Trial – You can earn Welkynar Style Motif Fragments by defeating Z’Maja; more are earned by defeating her on harder difficulties,
and she will not drop any Fragments unless fought on Veteran mode,
or on Normal mode with all of her Welkynar Shade allies.
The amount of Fragments dropped is not randomized, but is based on the configuration of the final boss fight – the harder the fight, the more Motif Fragments you’ll obtain.

Style Material –
Gryphon Plumes


You can earn a Welkynar Binding once a week by completing the quest “Woe of the Welkynars”, a quest in Cloudrest. By activating the Welkynar
Binding (which consumes 10 Welkynar Style Motif Fragments), you will create a single random Welkynar Motif chapter, or very rarely, the full Book.


The Welkynar Style Item, Gryphon Plumes, are earned in the same manner: by defeating Z’Maja. You earn more on harder difficulties,
and as with the Motif Fragments, you will not earn any if you defeat her on Normal mode without all of her allies with him.