How to obtain the Crafting Motif and Style Material:


The chapters for this motif can be obtained through turning in the quest which completes the Aetherian Archive, Hel Ra Citadel, and Sanctum Ophidia trials. Each trial will reward you with different chapters of this chapter:
• Aetherian Archive: Helmets, Shoulders, Boots, Staves, Axes
• Hel Ra Citadel: Chests, Belts, Shields, Maces
• Sanctum Ophidia: Gloves, Legs, Bows, Daggers Swords

Style Material –
Star Sapphire:

This style material is occationally lootable from the bosses in each of these trials on Normal difficulty, while always lootable from Veteran difficulty. The final bosses will drop multiple Defiled Whiskers if slain on Veteran Mode. Sapphire Stardust (raw material) is unobtainable.


Sets in this style:


• Wise Mage
• Destructive Mage
• Healing Mage


• Beserking Warrior
• Quick Serpent
• Vicious Serpent
• Poisonous Serpent
• Twice-Fanged Serpent


• Immortal Warrior
• Defending Warrior