How to obtain the Crafting Motif and Style Material:


The chapters for this motif can be awarded to you for completing the Gold Coast Daily Quest challenging you to survive Kvatch Arena.

Style Material –
Pearl Sand:

This style material will drop from completing the same Daily Quest, telling you to slay the combatants of Kvatch Arena. The bosses within Kvatch Arena itself have a chance to drop this style material as well. Grains of Pearl Sand (raw material) can be found inside resource nodes scattered all over the Gold Coast. The chance increases based on how many Order of the Hour motif chapters your character has read. This style material is occationally lootable from Normal Maw of Lorkhaj bosses, while always lootable from Veteran Maw of Lorkhaj bosses. Rakkhat will drop multiple Defiled Whiskers if slain on Veteran Mode.


Sets in this style:




• Flanking Strategist




• Imperial Physique