How to obtain the Crafting Motif and Style Material:


Chapters can be found as loot from Undaunted Chests. Keys to open these chests are earned from Undaunted Pledges. Bronze keys have a 40% motif chapter drop rate. Silver keys have a 50% motif chapter drop rate. Gold keys have a 60% motif chapter drop rate.

Style Material –

These materials drop as loot at the end of group dungeons. Knowing one chapter of the Mercenary motif grants your character a 50% chance at looting a Laurel at the end of Veteran Group Dungeons (increases ~4% per page). This drop trate is 1/4 as high for Normal dungeons. If your character doesn’t know any chapters in the Mercenary style, you will have a 0% drop rate! Learn at least one chapter/page.
Laurel Leaf (raw material) is unobtainable.


Sets in this style:


• Treasure Hunter


• Spelunker


• Knight-Errant’s Mail