How to obtain the Crafting Motif and Style Material:


Chapters can be found within Trophy Vault chests. They can also be looted from chests all across the Imperial City and Imperial Sewers. Your chance at acquiring a chapter is dependent on your Tel Var multiplier – the higher the multiplier, the higher the chance at obtaining a chapter. Having a 4x multiplier when looting grants a 100% chance at obtaining a chapter. The entire book also has an extraordinarily small chance to drop from Imperial City District Bosses.

Style Material –
Charcoal of Remorse:

Purchaseable from a vendor for 50 Tel Var stones each. This vendor can be found within your Alliance’s base in the Imperial Sewers. Ashes of Remorse (raw material) is sometimes awarded as loot for completing random Undaunted dailies using the Group Finder.


Sets in this style:


• Spell Power Cure
• Scathing Mage
• Overwhelming Surge
• Combat Physician


• Swamp Raider
• Storm Master
• Sheer Venom
• Essence Thief


• Brands of Imperium
• Tormentor
• Leeching Plate
• Jolting Arms