• Location: Coldharbour
  • Suggested Level: 47-50
  • Final Boss: Mad Architect
  • Achievements: 1


Vaults of Madness: Defeat Ulguna Soul-Reaver, Grothdarr, Iskra the Omen and Mad Architect.

Set Drop




Cursed One

Boss Mechanics:

Skeleton adds.

Frozen torrent attack, similar to regular wraith enemies.

Drain Life: target takes the same damage as the Cursed One.





Ulguna Soul-Reaver

Boss Mechanics:

Levitates a player at random, disabling them for about 10 seconds.  Cannot be broken.

Frontal cone fire wave that deals high damage.

Conjures 4 healing orbs in typical Harvester fashion.




Death’s Head

Boss Mechanics:

Charges to the front dealing large amounts of damage and knockdown to all in the path.

Frontal cone Slam attack

Summons skeletons that explode when low on health.

Poison runes that spawn on the ground and do damage over time.





Boss Mechanics:

Lava that moves around on the platform randomly.

Overhead attack that can knockdown the Tank.







Boss Mechanics:

Dremora adds.

Conal fire breath.

Patches of blue fires on the ground.





Ancient One

Boss Mechanics:

Standard Watcher attacks.

High damage AoE, triggered at low health.






Iskra the Omen

Boss Mechanics:

Leap attack on a random party member.

Wall of flame targeted towards a random party member.






Mad Architect

This boss has an optional hard/Undaunted mode.  It can be activated by reading the Scroll of Glorious Battle near the boss,
increasing the boss’ health and damage output.  Defeating the boss while the scroll is active will reward the party with an extra Undaunted Key if they have the appropriate pledge quest.

Boss Mechanics:

Summons undead minions.

Grinning Bolt, a high damage single target ranged attack.

Ground based AoE that snares and deals moderate to high damage.

A lethal spirit attack that takes up the entire dais the boss stands on.

A lethal telekinesis attack involving the nearby windows.
Monster-Set Helm