• Location: Malabal Tor
  • Suggested Level:
  • Final Boss:Stormreeve Neidir
  • Achievements:1


  • Tempest Island: Defeat Varan Stormcaller, Stormfist, and Stormreeve Neidir.

Set Drop


Sonolia the Matriarch

Boss Mechanics:
 This boss is assisted by a couple of Lamia ads, target them first. The boss uses disorienting sound cone attack which can deal heavy damage.




Valaran Stormcaller

Boss Mechanics:

Lightning which improves his defences and slightly shocks nearby players.

Constant Lightning Strike AOE that moves around the room throughout the fight and can deal heavy damage if it touches you.

Random stuns to a player for 3-4 seconds

Heavy melee attack




Yalorasse the Speaker

Boss Mechanics:

Loads of ads that go for the Healer first.

Whirlwind AOE that does physical damage

Heavy melee attacks

Lightning AOE on the Tank’s location





Boss Mechanics:

Kick AOE over time that casts a red circle which rapidly increases in size. It deals a lot of damage. Throws players down if caught in it.

Ground Punch that does damage to players close to him.

Ads that are summoned periodically and can deal decent amount of damage

Pulsating lightning strikes at low health towards all players in the room that does heavy damage. It is unavoidable.




Commodore Ohmamil

Boss Mechanics:

LOTS of ads. They deal more damage than Ohmamil himself.

Heavy melee attack that can be blocked by the tank

Temporarily levitates players and disabling them for few seconds. Not harmful.

Strategy: Deal with all the ads first. Tank should focus on blocking the melee attack.




Stormreeve Neidir

On Veteran difficulty, this boss has an optional hard/Undaunted mode that may be activated by reading from a scroll nearby. A
ctivating the scroll will increase the boss’ health and causes the tornadoes to move significantly faster.
Successfully defeating the boss on this hardmode will reward the party with 2 Undaunted Keys if they have the appropriate daily pledge quest.

Boss Mechanics:

Shock AOE around the boss.  On Veteran difficulty, this is lethal.

Random lightning strike at a party member.  Heavy damage if not blocked/dodged.

Charges towards a random player.

This attack can be lethal on Veteran mode.

Can be blocked, or dodged.

Has a minimum range, roughly that of her shock AoE.  Staying close to the boss avoids being targeted for the charge.

Miniature tornadoes that constantly move around the room. These deal damage,cause a brief stagger on contact, and can interrupt dodge rolls.
Monster-Set Helm