• Location: north of Wind Keep Wayshrine, in Stormhaven.
  • Suggested Level: CP 160
  • Final Boss: Zaan the Scalecaller


  • Scalecaller Peak Vanquisher
  • Scalecaller Savior
  • Stand Your Ground
  • Scalecaller Peak Challenger
  • Mountain God
  • Scalecaller Peak Conqueror
  • On Top
  • Peak Performance
  • Breaker of Spells
  • Veteran Cultist Slayer
  • Veteran Ogre Slayer
  • Pustulent Problems
  • Stony Situation
  • Daedric Deflector
  • Doctor’s Orders
  • Tremor Trouble
  • Watch Your Step
  • Dragon Bones Delver


Set Drop


Orzun the Foul-Smelling and Rinaerus the Rancid


These two bosses should be separated – the kite should focus on engagin Orzun the Foul and kiting him around the area. DPS can focus on bringing Orzun’s health down, after which they can switch to Rinaerus, with the objective of killing both bosses at almost the same time.

Kill order: Rinaerus then Orzun (must be close together)

 Boss Mechanics:

Orzun has a callout when he is sending an attack towards a player. When you get this announcement, purposefuly freeze yourself for protection by running into the yellow circles that populate the battleground thanks to Rinaerus. Wait for the Iceball attack to hit and break you out of the freezeDon’t break out, let the iceball hit you, it’ll break you out. Only one player can use each circle once, so do not defeat Rinaerus before you’re ready to defeat both bosses.

Rinaerus casts a large and deadly storm that can only be avoided by using the Ice pillars that pop up thanks to Orzun. Whenever this happens, hide behind a pillar to stay safe. Several players can use the same pillar.

Tank: Staying towards the outer circle of the arena is a good tactic for avoiding Orzun

DPS+Healer: Rinaerus will periodically summon Skeevers and needs to be interrupted with a bash or an interrupt skill such as Crushing Shock.




Doylemish Ironheart

 Boss Mechanics:

Floating Red Spheres: They target a player and follow them, so kite it while dpsing from a distance

Boss summon: You should aoe-kill the wraiths

Tank: Tank the boss in a corner near the exit door. The heavy attack can be dodged and the tank is rarely the target of petrification. Have your healer purify a bleed if you get one

DPS: Focus-dps the floating balls as soon as possible, do not get caught by them. Use your ultimate when the boss is still and no spheres are around.

Healer: Having shards or recovery helps the tank, you can also slot a purify skill to assist. If any player gets petrified, assist them as soon as possible.




Matriarch Aldis

 Boss Mechanics:

Water Freeze: The water is deadly, stay out of it

Nereids: High damage from geysers that the tank must find and plug, kill them first

Tank: The easiest way is to lure the boss to the edge of the area and let the dps stay outside, killing the boss without worrying about the Nereids.

DPS: Focus-dps the boss and assist in regeneration for the tank

Healer: Max heals on the tank and as much regeneration as you can.





Plague Concocter Mortieu

 Boss Mechanics:

Tiered poison: an ever-increasing poison that will wipe the party if not cleansed

Antidote: kill the adds in the order of the shoutout to ensure you can get the antidote, cleanse yourself in the middle, and then drop your ultimates on boss and guard

Guard: a guard joins the frey whenever the boss is made to stumble, and must be killed quickly

Tank: Most of the damage on this fight is unavoidable and cannot be tanked, so your role will be to stand on the geysers to prevent their poison from overwhelming your healer. Keep the boss on you with a ranged taunt, and wait for the antidote phase to come around then use a taunt to ensure the spawned guard comes straight to the boss location so you team’s ultimates can get them both.

DPS: Kill the adds as per the callout to generate the antidote, and charge your ultimates while doing it. Cleanse yourself, then drop ultimates on the guard+kneeling boss for maximum damage. Regeneration and self-healing are important in this fight

Healer: The tank will take the bulk of your damage but the team will need heals. Try and bring aoe heals that can assist, and both a healing and dps ultimate so you can help with dps if possible.









Zaan the Scalecaller


Strategy:This is a difficult fight that will take some time getting used to. The boss spawns Ice Giants every 20% health loss, and if you don’t kill these two enemies quickly they will wipe out your party. Managing party positioning, callouts and taking on the Ice Giants is the key to success.


Poison Breath Statues: If you look at the arena, you will notice three statues at the back with dragon heads. Each of these will spit out a deadly one-hit-kill poison AOE in a triangle/cone fashion. The sections are smallest near the statues, so some players prefer to stay near them. The other strategy is to stand back in between two of them and quickly step from one to the next. DO NOT ROLL – it is not dodgable

Fire Breath: A callout that “Zaan’s breath is following you!” and a red circle under your feet indicates waves of fire are coming to your character, getting anyone in the way. You can block them off with the pillar on the arena, or you can simply step from side to side to avoid each wave of flame.

Fire Beam: The boss selects a player and creates a fire beam effect that deals massive damage. Other team members can disrupt this beam and take some of the damage – it is best if the tank does it, but sometimes all other members can rotate through the beam to distribute the hurt and avoid a death.

Ice and Poison Storm: Every 20% health, the boss will summon two Ice Giants that begin channeling a storm. This storm will kill everyone immediately so they are the n.1 priority for dps, tank and heals during this phase.

Shield Safety: After the Ice and Poison Storm, a circular area around the shield will shine denoting all players should get to it as soon as possible. Get inside to avoid being killed, then get out to avoid being hit by the boss.

Tank: Tank the boss near the middle of the arena, picking one of the cone areas. Your main job is to keep her on you and protect your allies from the deadly fire beam.

DPS: DPS the boss and save your ultimates for the right moments. The two giants she summons must be defeated quickly so stay in good communication with the other dps to distribute damage and kill them fast. Pick a sector you will stand on to avoid the poison breath from the statues

Healer: This is a difficult fight to heal as many things can go wrong. Healing ultimates from the resto staff are great for sustained healing. Focus on the tank and on defending whoever is being targeted by the fire beam. Fast revives can save the battle here.

Monster-Set Helm