• Location: In north of Senalana, on the Cyrodiil side of the Strid River
  • Suggested Level: CP 160
  • Final Boss: Vykosa the Ascendant


  • Moon Hunter Keep Vanquisher


Set Drop



Jailer Melitus

Boss Mechanics:

Hedge Maze Guardian

Boss Mechanics:

The Lurcher is in a hedge maze, and at 80, 55, 35% health, Spriggans will activate to heal the boss back up to the trigger health percentage.

Mylenne Moon-Caller

Boss Mechanics:




Archivist Ernarde

Boss Mechanics:

Ground Slam: a ground AOE around the werewolf that will one shot everyone except the tank, even blocked.

Color Symbol Mechanic: Four pads of three different colors, for a total of twelve pads with the colored symbol floating above them will spawn around the room. Then the boss will start cycling through the symbols above his head, and each pad will also start randomly cycling its colored symbol. The boss will stop on one of the colored symbols and then all players must find their own pad with the same color symbol the boss landed on. Tank and Healer should prioritize the symbols near the entrance where they are for the duration of the fight, while DDs prioritize the ones on the stairs spread out to find colors in other areas of the room. Hint: While boss is cycling through colored symbols, get a good look of where the pads are around the room so you have an idea of where your nearest colors are.

Bubble Mechanic: Occasionally the boss will spawn a bubble on a random player. This will lock that player down, and will kill them if that bubble isn’t destroyed within a few seconds. The DPS must burst down the bubble on whatever player it lands on as top priority.

Tank: Stay in front of boss at a medium range away (out of the boss’s passive aoe) and watch out on the adds. Main boss does not required to be taunted. When a Werewolf Behemoth transforms in, taunt and turn that werewolf away from the other players. NEVER bring the adds near the main boss, as the passive aoe around the boss will enrage those adds.

Healer: Stay close to the entrance, use healing spells at range.

DPS: Adds will spawn in based on health left. Do NOT DPS the boss while adds are alive. Position yourself half way up the stairs on either side of the room. Focus down adds immediately as they spawn, kill them before either turns into a werewolf colossus. ( focus the non-transformed add first! )





Vykosa the Ascendant

Boss Mechanics:

Tank: The pets of this boss are chained to the wall and they share one chain. If one pet is pulled far from the wall, it’ll force pull the other pet closer to the wall, immobilizing it. Taunt ONE of the pets to the main boss spawn location, so the other one will be forced to stay away from other players.

DPS: Focus on the pets Zel and Ary individually. Melee focus the pet that the tank has taunted, while ranged focused the pet that is chained tightly to the wall (keep a distance of the one chained to the wall). When Pets reach 0 health, they’ll retreat to where they are chained to the wall and be out of combat until main boss reaches the next phase. Repeat the same strategy when the pets return. Werewolf adds spawn when boss drop enough HP, kite and kill the spawns, then DPS the boss! Four werewolves will spawn on the last wave, so they must be kited and snared well.

Healer: Stay in center of arena and heal the tank.
Monster set