• Location: Craglorn
  • Suggested Level: Max
  • Final Boss: Domihaus the Bloody-Horned


  • Falkreath Hold Achievements: Falkreath Hold Challenger  Complete the listed achievements for Veteran Falkreath Hold.
  • Falkreath Hold Achievements: Falkreath Hold Conqueror  Defeat Morrigh Bullblood, the Siege Mammoth, Cernunnon, Deathlord Bjarfrud Skjoralmor, and Domihaus the Bloody-Horned in Veteran Falkreath Hold.
  • Falkreath Hold Achievements: Bull Rush   Defeat Morrigh Bullblood, the Siege Mammoth, Cernunnon, Deathlord Bjarfrud Skjoralmor, and Domihaus the Bloody-Horned in Veteran Falkreath Hold within twenty minutes of starting the dungeon. Timer starts when players engage the first group of Dreadhorn invaders.
  • Falkreath Hold Achievements: Taking the Bull by the Horns  Defeat Domihaus the Bloody-Horned in Veteran Falkreath Hold after sounding the Warhorn in the Jarl’s Hall.
  • Falkreath Hold Achievements: The Unbroken Line Defeat Morrigh Bullblood, the Siege Mammoth, Cernunnon, Deathlord Bjarfrud Skjoralmor, and Domihaus the Bloody-Horned in Veteran Falkreath Hold, without suffering a group member death

Set Drop

Morrigh Bullblood

Boss Mechanics:
This is a simple boss with adds from set of humanoid enemies, and a minotaur wallbreaker. When the tank has aggro, it’s a rather straight-forward “tank and spank” affair. Besides watching out for the possible stun from her AOE, proceed as with any mob.

At 50% health, the boss casts a shield above herself and anyone caught outside it will take massive damage. Simply make sure to get inside to stay safe.









Siege Mammoth

Boss Mechanics:
This boss is also simple, but ramps out the damage output. Deadly to DPS in your party – make sure the tank grabs aggro and faces the mammoth away from the party. The tank will have to shield, block and dodge the massive frontal AOE or put undue pressure on the healer.

For the DPS, staying at range is the best option. You’ll have to dodge around projectiles that land on the arena throughout the fight.

At around 50% health, the boss will begin a massive AOE attack that must be rolled through to avoid. Healers should be ready for this with buffs, HOTs and possibly soul gems.









Boss Mechanics:
There are three enemies before Cernunnon, with varying attacks and deadliness: Erbogan, Tuecille and Mokveda.

There is a protected area – if you exit it you take damage and die (clue: “The Vortex Tugs at Your Soul“)

When you deplete a mini-boss HP, they drop their soul and you must take it to a nearby circle to seal it or they get up again

The bosses are re-summoned during the phases of Cernunnon

There are ghosts floating about and they fear you outside the circle

The boss puts an AOE on each player. Don’t stack up and block and shield to minimize the damage

Tank: Take aggro on all bosses and get ready to block as their heavy attacks are really damaging. Have an interrupt at the ready to stop Erbogan summoning flame pillars that will likely kill a member of your group. Make sure to keep an eye on your positioning to avoid AOEs and to take on Cernunnon when he spawns.

DPS: Kill order is: Erbogar, then Tuecille, then Mokveda. Focus on removing each one individually rather than by AOEs. When you defeat one of the three, they drop an element to pick up that will damage and slow you as you take it to the nearby altar – LET THE TANK DO THIS. Cernunnon will re-summon his adds after taking damage, the mechanics and kill order remain the same

Healer: The tank will be taking most of your heals (hopefully) so be ready with strong ones. When an add is about to go down, the DPS will need heals in order to get the orbs to the altars for sealing – so keep near them and be alert and in communication via voice.








Deathlord Bjarfrud Skjoralmor

Boss Mechanics:

Draugr enemies mob the party near the boss and afflict and area

All players will be affected by a DOT that becomes increasingly nasty as the fight goes on and corpses pile up

A red circle filling up is your clue you need to cleanse all corspes in the area

Cleanse the DOT by using the glowing urns: all members should interact with the urn then return to the middle and use its cleansing effect to rid the party of the nasty DOT

Tank: Take aggro on the boss and the draugr if you can. This is a straight forward fight. You should get all wights and boss in a central area if possible

DPS: One DPS should be assigned to cleansing the DOT with the urns and supporting with AOE damage. Killing all wights near each other is best The other DPS can simply focus on the boss to burn as fast as possible – the least adds he kills the faster this will go

Healer: The tank won’t take much damage so AOE heals are the way to go. Help cleanse the area of corpses by using the urn. You can also support your party with rapid maneuver to assist the DPS in getting to the urns for cleansing.







Domihaus the Bloody-Horned

Boss Mechanics:

This boss is not only heavy-hitting, but complex in mechanics and group coordination. Second only in challenge to the Bloodroot Forge.


Pounding: AOE fire balls on all directions to all party members at a 360 angle. Can be blocked by the pillars

Melee Fire AOE: 360 degree deadly slow+fire AOE around the  boss

Ranged Fire AOE: 360 degree deadly fire on the outer area of the pillars

Add summoning: Summons four Atronachs and becomes invincible (reflects damage too!)

Frontal AOE: A nasty and heavy-hitting aoe that the tank must block

Pull: Domihaus pulls all characters to himself, slows them, and makes pools of deadly fire spikes spawn under them. Walk backwards SLOWLY to avoid them and not get them on your friends

“GROVEL” shout: At specific health thresholds of 70%, 50%, 30%, 10% and 5%, the boss will execute a one-hit-kill shout. Players must run behind the pillars to hide, but there are limited pillars and they will break. The party must therefore stick together to use only one pillar per shout.

Positioning: The party will attempt to position itself in each cardinal direction during regular DPS in order to avoid being “Stacked” by the “pull” mechanic. When it’s time for the “Grovel” shout – everyone should get together with the tank to his chosen pillar
Monster-Set Helm