• Location: Eastmarch
  • Suggested Level: 35-37
  • Final Boss:Iceheart
  • Achievements: 1


Direfrost Keep: Defeat Guardian of the Flame, Empowered Frost Atronach and Drodda of Icereach

Set Drop


Teethnasher the Frostbound

Boss Mechanics:

Charges at the tank and then pauses momentarily.

Red circle around him that does heavy damage and snare on the player.



Guardian of the Flame

Boss Mechanics:

Charges at random targets. AOE damage is dealt near the charge target

Heavy melee attack that the tank can block

Patches of lightning at random areas

Frontal cone breath attack



Drodda’s Dreadlord

Boss Mechanics:

Melee axe attack to those close to him

Heavy melee attack

Frigid Banekins that spawns at the Boss’ original location and charge at players to explode and cause large AOE damage.




Boss Mechanics:

Frontal cone attack aimed at the tank

Red circle beneath the Boss that does heavy AOE damage after it expands. This circle is difficult to escape if you are in melee range.

Fist smash onto the ground that creates a red circle on each each player’s location. The circle spawns a Draugr that needs to be killed.




Ancient Lurcher

Boss Mechanics:

Randomly targets a player with a green beam that does severe poison damage.

Red circles underneath the Boss that damage those caught inside.

Enrage and Lightning charge that strengthens his AOE ability once his health is below 50%

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Drodda of Icereach

Boss Mechanics:

Frost AOE attack after teleporting to a random player’s location.

Periodically stuns player nearest to her.

At 50% health, spawns Ice Wraiths that charge at players.
Monster-set Helm