• Location: The Rift
  • Suggested Level: 41-43
  • Final Boss:Lava Queen
  • Achievements: 1


Blessed Crucible: Defeat the Pack, Beast Master and Lava Queen at the Blessed Crucible.

Set Drop

Grunt the Clever

Boss Mechanics:

AOE Fear shout that periodically fears everyone.

Massive frontal AOE melee attack






The Pack

Boss Mechanics:

Consists of a number of bosses ( Fire mage, Dual Wielding Rogue, Heavy Armor Orc, Caster)

Snagg Gro-Mashul (Armored Orc) does whirlwind AOE attacks with his two handed weapon.

Nusana (Fire mage) casts beam of fire in front damaging everyone in its path.

Dynus Aralas (Healer) who casts fire and ice spells

Kayd at-Sal (Rogue) who should be tanked.

Each boss turns into a werewolf at 30% health.






Teranya the Faceless

Boss Mechanics:

360 degree AOE attack that does mild damage and can be easily avoided

Heavy melee attack that does heavy damage and causes knockdown if not blocked by the tank.

Frigid Banekins that spawns at the Boss’ original location and charge at players to explode and cause large AOE damage.






The Stinger & The Troll King

Boss Mechanics:

The Stinger periodically targets a player and then creates a poisonous cloud underneath them. This attack can be fatal if you don’t move out of the cloud immediately.

The Troll King can deal loads of damage with all his attacks. He will periodically jump towards a random target dealing damage to the entire group.

The Troll also uses AOE attacks that can also cause heavy damage

Frontal Tremor attack that the Troll uses to create waves around him that should be avoided.






Captain Thoran

Boss Mechanics:

Fire Runes that are cast on the ground causing moderate damage to those who step on them.

Purple clouds that randomly appear around the room causing damage to anyone in them.

At low health, a Lava Atronach is spawned, giving a big shield to the Captain. The shield disappears after killing the Atronach.







Lava Queen

Boss Mechanics:

Periodically summons Lava Atronachs that shield the boss through their beams.

Random lava eruptions marked by red circles

Large lava eruptions underneath the Queen when she swings her sword at the ground that can do damage in multiple directions.

Fire attack on distant targets

Heavy melee attack
Monster-Set Helm

Troll King