• Location: Shadowfen
  • Suggested Level: 28-31
  • Final Boss:Sellistrix the Lamia Queen
  • Achievements: 1


  • Arx Corinium: Defeat Ancient Wamasu, Lamia Queen and Lamia Songstress

 Set Drop

Anged Menace

Boss Mechanics:

Frontal cone attack that causes knockback and damages severely any player caught in it.

AOE Poison attack that absorbs health from those hit by it to the Boss. The red circle made underneat him while he curls up can damage heavily and also heal the boss.

Other ads surrounding the boss

Heavy melee attacks



Ganakton the Tempest

Boss Mechanics:

Lightning Wave that is emitted towards a random player. The wave can cause high amounts of Shock damage and stun anyone close-by.

Immediately after the wave, the Boss will send a lightning bolt at the same player causing Shock damage and stunning them again.

Ganakton can also electrify all players with a shock pulse every now and then. This does medium levels of damage but is unavoidable.

Frontal cone lightning breath



Sliklenia the Songstress

Boss Mechanics:

A pet ad that you should not kill until the boss is dead.

Sound pulse that does high amounts of damage when the boss sings.

Heavy melee attack



Matron Ixniaa

Boss Mechanics:

Randomly places 2 circles (1 big and 1 small) underneath a player.

Bunch of ads



Ancient Lurcher

Boss Mechanics:

Randomly targets a player with a green beam that does severe poison damage.

Red circles underneath the Boss that damage those caught inside.

Enrage and Lightning charge that strengthens his AOE ability once his health is below 50%

Bunch of ads



Sellistrix the Lamia Queen

Boss Mechanics:

Charges at players at random doing small amounts of damage

Lightning strikes channelled at certain islands in the room marked by red circles. During this attack, if the Queen is in the water, the water becomes electrified and any players standing in the water will be electrocuted.

Frontal cone scream that does heavy damage.

Monster-Set Helm:

Sentinel of Rkugamz