Congratulations to following guild members for getting their VMOL skins!

Glenon (DPS),  – Magic member  raffle winner
Fluffymuffins1069 (DPS),  – Magic member
K-Otik_one (DPS),  – Magic Druid   



Also a big thanks to everyone who helped!

ReconWv//ALYJHNSN//Elusiveshady// riderz_13// IPAI2I // Wanderingmazz3 // Jculver87 // Paixrommanus// Ninjango-



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  • Donjon
    March 17, 2019 at 12:47 am Reply
    Hello, im checking to see if we have any open spots for vmol progression group? Im 810 dps with 40k dps on my lowest toon. I know mechanics and can follow direction. Let me know, thanks!

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